Frequent questions

Find here the answer to the most common questions from our customers and users. In case of not being able to solve your question, please CONTACT US.

  • How does TiendAPP work?
    • We are a SaaS platform to be implemented with the appropriate digitization strategy for your company.
    • We are an integral tool that enhances your Off-line strategy with On-Line solutions.
  • Where is my information stored?
    • We have servers in AWS and BackUp in Google Cloud Servers to guarantee the security of your information. The information is treated in accordance with our information security policies.
    • All information is treated with high security standards and compliance with habeas data policies according to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Information Security Policies.
    • The information can be exposed in a segmented way through the different profiles, according to roles and responsibilities. The safe use of each profile is the responsibility of each user.
    • We are constantly making updates to our security levels, which you can enjoy totally free.
  • Is TiendAPP an exclusive App for me?
    • TiendAPP allows you to have a totally exclusive store for you, with the comfort and security of cloud computing with AWS and Google Cloud servers.
    • TiendAPP is a space with multiple exclusive and confidential stores under a cloud service software where you can save 6X cost and 10X time versus other solutions thanks to our already to use features.
  • If I need custom developments, do you do it?
    • Your tool is constantly being updated without any additional cost.
    • Tailor-made developments to maximize your operation. It works by projects and it is quantified according to the development hours invested.
  • How many stores can I reach today with TiendAPP?
    • Today our customers serve more than 25,000 stores through our store community.
    • We are able to self-scale and serve the number of users you need.
  • What are the steps to obtain the service? and what is the time?
    • Demo
    • Definition of features and approval of commercial proposal.
    • Signature of confidentiality and commercial agreement.
    • Implementation.
    • Production. * Our average times are 43 business days.
  • With whom do you currently have alliances?
    • We work creating own exclusive stores to each client. We work with different companies and industries focused on developing digital Go To Market models to generate sales growth and savings. Our clients are mass consumption companies, telecommunications and banking.
  • How much sales growth can I expect with the implementation?
    • Our tools and advice allow you to grow your sales up to 17%.
    • We are your tool to sell more. Sales growth will depend on the implementation plan and the defined role for the technology deployed.
  • Does TiendAPP take care of going to the clients and activating them?
    • The service we offer includes the required software service and advice to make the best use and benefit of the contracted technologies.
  • Is it better to have your own App or your own store on the TiendAPP platform?
    • The most important thing is to understand what you want to achieve and what types of customers you want to serve. At TiendAPP we offer your own brand APP, as well as your own and exclusive store in an ecosystem that offers multiple benefits that maximize the usability and minimize the costs and time vs implementing your own app.
    • Here are some benefits of each option:

      Own Store in Tiendapp Own APP
      1. Guarantee on the security and confidentiality of your STORE information. 1.Guarantee on the security and confidentiality of your APP information.
      2. Online exhibition of all your products and service proposal for each client. Route management, Portfolio, Returns. 2. Online exhibition of all your products and service proposal for each client. Route management, Portfolio, Returns.
      3. On TiendAPP you are part of an ecosystem for your own store with complementary services from other industries and topics of interest for merchants. 3. All features and usability is pushed by you.
      4. Advice to achieve a high adoption of technology by users. 4. Advice as you need.
      5. Complementary services to guarantee a memorable experience for users: Design, Help Center, Community Manager, Continuous technological improvement). 5. Complementary services must be developed and connected according to your needs.
      6. Credit option for your clients through recognized entities.

    You can have your own store and your own app in record time.

  • How much is the price?
    • Get in touch with us, so we can understand your needs and offer you an adjusted proposal that guarantees a ROI on your investment in technology. Request a demo.
  • I have an ERP with no possible connections
    • It can always develop a connection. Get in touch to better understand your situation.
    • All platforms offered by TiendAPP can be managed through file uploads or batch process.
    • Request a demo.
  • How can Tiendapp help me if I get the service?
    • Digital security
    • Continuous performance improvements and new functionalities.
    • Online support for any technical request.
    • Networking spaces between companies and distributors so you can grow your coverage and partnerships.
    • Constant advice for optimal use of the platform.
    • Advice and support in the execution to connect successfully with merchants.
  • Does TiendAPP guarantee sales growth for me?
    • With our solutions and a correct implementation guided by our Go To Market experts you can make a big difference. We work over a long-term commitment with short term results.

We build with the best technologies

Our API and backend are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud with connection to different ERPs and digital service providers via Web Services or batch process, with information visualization through BI dashboards on QLIK SENSE platform, with communication and online service supported under the Intercom and twilio platform. All smart algorithm developments are supported in AWS and Python machine learning tools.

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